Wednesday, February 16, 2011

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Unit Input Costs (and personal consumables) look like they are heading upward

I have been waiting to post on the topic of the pending inflation or deflation to get a sense from various economists and first hand experience.

My sense is that price indexes across the board are trending upwards, and I know well that I am personally paying more for items from coffee to gasoline.

My point here is to encourage you to look into this topic further and determine what preparations need to be made for your business to minimize the squeeze to your margins and find backup sources for you raw materials and/or components. You may also want to review your business structure and processes to find inefficiencies that may be eliminated.

With Federal, State, and Municipal debt at high levels, a rather moderate economic response to continued quantitative easing, weather related crop and arable land damage, and growing political unrest across the globe, watch your costs.

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